Surfers on the Beach

Can two drowning people save each other? Ellison Island is a beach novel about a reclusive writer who is dumped after a five-year engagement, an alcoholic surfer with a guilty past, and the sleepy island town that might save them both.

Ellison Island

Image by Eduardo Dutra

The Undertaker's Daughter

What is it like to grow up around more dead people than live ones? Letha Wren Davis was born in a coffin. Her father says it isn’t bad luck, but her life indicates otherwise.

Rearview of a Woman

Jeri & Sid

How far will you go for family? Jeri and Sid is a beach novel set in South Carolina about a second-grade teacher who uproots her life to save her sister’s and finds herself woven into the fabric of one of the nation’s largest crime families.

Ellery is actively pursuing representation for her novels. If you're interested in learning more about her work, please click on Contact at the top of the page to reach out.