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The Art of Holding Loosely

Somewhere around the age of two or three, kids learn a word that often becomes one of their favorites. It’s a word that defines people and things and places and life—and later, it can delineate or destroy a person’s life: “Mine.”

Mine seems simple, but it really isn’t. There is an “I’m-in-control” attitude that comes along with that word.

“This is my career.”

“I’m going to make my relationship work out.”

My friendships are going to last a lifetime.”

We live in a me-saturated culture. The problem with this is that, not only is it self-centered and self-focused, in reality, this mine business is a false construct. It gives us a fake sense of security that leads to a white-knuckled grip on the steering wheel of life. We hold tight to what we deem is ours.

Of course, we know in theory that everything belongs to God, but we still cling tightly to the idea that we can be in control of our own lives.

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