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How 8 Doctors are Obeying God - and Saving Thousands

I sit in my grey-walled cubicle, reduced to tears as I stare into the face on my screen.

When I got the email from my boss giving me brief instructions about the latest project I was pulled onto, I didn't know it would change my life: Missionary doctors in Africa, Giving Tuesday campaign, video footage and images for me to review.

I've been to Africa. I've driven across the rocky pathways that make traveling four miles take almost an hour. I've watched field fires burn in the night and seen our headlights dimmed by dust and smoke. I've seen the dirty blistered toes of barefoot children, the painfully thin shoulders and unquenchable resilience in their eyes. I've cradled abandoned babies and cried while they slept in my arms.

I know the pain. I know the poverty. I've seen it.

Besides that, I work for a nonprofit. I see videos and photos of third-world countries day in and day out. So, it shouldn't be anything new to me. I shouldn't be crying right now, smearing mascara on my cheek and hoping nobody comes into my cube for an impromptu meeting. But I am.

Something about this project and this picture strikes a nerve deep in my soul. A nerve I've purposefully numbed.

See the rest of my article for Charisma Magazine here.

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