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What a 2-Month Shopping Fast Taught Me About Myself

I never thought I had a shopping problem until I decided to stop.

It was January. After Christmas shopping and buying several presents for myself (who can resist an Anthropologie blanket when it’s on sale?), I saw that my bank account and my ability to say “no” were both getting low. My housemate joked that almost every night when she came home an Amazon package was waiting at the door. She wasn’t wrong—I’d fallen for Instagram ads promoting everything from cute shoes to fast-drying towels.

And here’s the real problem: I never have buyer’s remorse. I simply don’t feel guilty over what I’ve purchased. I usually end up using it or wearing it, and if I don’t, I’ll give it away or stick it in the back of my closet to reevaluate at a later date. Whether it’s a fake fur coat or a chunky neon yellow sweater, I love what I buy.

It was time to stop and take a breath. I needed to reevaluate why I was shopping. What was the motivation behind my buying habits?

Read the rest of my article for Verily Magazine here.

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